Derby Name: Queenie
Derby #: 16

What team do you play for? I’m a skater for the Mad Dollies and Greensboro Counterstrike. I’m also currently a captain for the Mad Dollies. This year is my second season.

What does your life outside derby look like?
When I’m not skating I’m a public health educator for a health department. I also really love visiting museums, trying new restaurants, traveling, and all things true crime related.

How did you start derby?
Skating has been in and out of my life since elementary school. I went skating every summer as a kid and even in college I was a skating carhop at Sonic. After I graduated college and began working full time, I felt like I was missing something and was looking for some sort of activity that could be my “thing”. I went to the Downtown Fun Fourth event and saw GSORD. They handed me a flyer for their fresh meat class that was starting the following week. I went and fell in love right away.

Memorable derby moment?
We had an away in Lancaster, PA, and I happened to have a friend living up there who I hadn’t seen in a couple years. My friend and I are both huge fans of the show The Office. It just so happened that the same weekend of our bout, several cast members from The Office were at the Philadelphia ComicCon. The venue for the game was an hour and a half away from Philadelphia, and there was only one opportunity for a group photo with the cast. I really only had about a 20 minute window to make it work, and thanks to my friend who asked a stranger if we could cut in line we somehow made it work. I got my photo taken with the cast, got to see my friend, got to my bout on time. My friend loved watching us play so much that now she does roller derby.

What’s something that you’re really passionate about?
I’m a huge public health nerd. My favorite health topics are sexual, maternal, and child health. I have a sexual health Jeopardy game that is probably one of my favorite programs to teach. I’m also a certified child passenger safety technician, which is a fancy way of saying I can correctly install a car seat. Hit me up if you want me to check your car seat and give you some education!

What about GSORD makes you want to stay involved?
GSORD has helped me grow as a skater, a teammate, and a human being. I’m constantly getting feedback from people and I feel like I’m always learning something new about myself. I’ve become much more resilient as a person thanks to my involvement in GSORD.

What advice would you give to those wanting to try derby but may be a little timid?
I was definitely a little timid when I first started out and I’m sure lots of people in GSORD were too. The thing that kept me going in the beginning (and still keeps me going now) was always remembering what I was there for. Figure out your “why” and always keep it in mind. My “why” is to challenge myself physically and mentally, and I’m able to do exactly that at every practice and game.