Derby Name: Queenie

Derby #: 16

Is there a story behind your name and number?

My family has always called me Queenie. Let’s just say I can be a little dramatic and I like being a leader. When I was in Fresh Meat, my grandfather found a song called “Queen of the Roller Derby” by Leon Russle and in the song he refers to his interest as “Queenie”, so it was like a sign that it was meant to be my name. I chose #16 because I graduated college and started my first real job in 2016.

What year did you start roller derby? 2017

What roller derby team(s) have/do you play for? Mad Dollies

What’s your athletic background? I played softball for 10 years and soccer for a couple summers. And as a bonus, I was a skating carhop at Sonic for a couple years.

What’s your best roller derby memory? During our Fresh Meat debut I got lead jammer during both my jams. My first jam I earned enough points to put us in the lead which was a pretty good feeling.

Why do you play roller derby? I first started roller derby because I just wanted to see if I could do it. It turns out that roller derby did amazing things for my physical and mental health so I was hooked.

Gear you couldn’t live without? My skates of course!

Likes? Food, helping others, traveling, volunteering, The Office and Parks & Rec.

Dislikes? Mustard and rude people. In that order.

What do you do when you aren’t skating? I’m a public health educator, so I am in the community a lot teaching health programs. I also love trying new restaurants, visiting museums, and anything adventurous.