Greensboro Roller Derby vs Carolina Roller Girls


Our very own skater and Vice President, Wrecking Belle, was featured in this week’s issue of Yes! Weekly and on the weekly Woven Greensboro blog. Check it out! The spread is on pages 22-23 of Yes! Weekly available in newstands now and also linked below!

Roller Girls: The queens of mayhem on wheels -O.Henry Magazine

Greensboro Roller Derby going viral:

The Rise of Roller Derby is one of the top shared articles ever published on SB Nation. It was republished by the Philadelphia Inquirer and reblogged and shared on social media hundreds of times. Notable mentions include Jerry Seltzer (the second and final owner of the original Roller Derby league. His father, Leo Seltzer, created roller derby in 1935) and promotion to the front page of news aggregator/social bookmarking site Digg.com where it has been shared over 2000 times. Blogger and skater for Portland, Oregon’s Rose City Rollers, Hard Dash, interviewed James Dator and Alexandroid, our head of PR/Marketing, in this follow up blog.

GSORD skater Pinky LaPain’s bridal photos by Frayed Edge Photography attracted the attention of Buzzfeed.com and were subsequently republished by the Huffington Post and Derbylife.com as well as being Liked and shared on social media hundreds of times.

Music Video appearances by Greensboro Roller Derby:

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THE RISE OF ROLLER DERBY: No longer WWE on wheels, the rapid growth of women’s flat track derby in Greensboro is a microcosm of the sport’s ascension into the mainstream. Read the story by James Dator –SB Nation

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Gate City Roller Girls –Greensboro Daily Photo
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Greensboro Roller Derby in the news:

Greensboro Catching on to Roller Derby Trend –The Guilfordian
Gate City Roller Girls –Greensboro Daily Photo