Derby Name: Eiffel Plower

Derby #: 224

Is there a story behind your name and number? I love Paris and a fellow freshmeat member suggested it as a name since we were both the tall ones of our group…224 is my beau’s bday and the I40 exit for the warhouse!

What year did you start roller derby? 2015

What roller derby team(s) have/do you play for? Elm Street Nightmares & Greensboro Counterstrike

Your Athletic background? Literally all the sports! Except basketball…never been a fan!

Any derby/sports heroes? All of the amazing derby peoples! But especially the girls I learned about this amazing sport from at Charm City in Baltimore MD…and my derby wife Aidee Dee (she’s the toughest gal i know still playing through MS)!

Why do you play roller derby? I couldn’t imagine life without it anymore!

Anything else we should know about you? Travel for work but I try to skate then too!