What are the requirements to join?

Skaters must be at least 18 years old and identify as either female, a trans woman, an intersex woman, or gender expansive. Skaters will be required to pay monthly dues and purchase supplemental insurance from the WFTDA.

Are you a potential transfer skater from another league?

Welcome! We have a few options for transfer skaters that are new to the area or are looking to be a part of GSORD. Please email membership@greensbororollerderby.com with more details on your situation and we’ll get back to you with more information.

When is your next Fresh Meat class?

Freshmeat tryouts are held twice a year.  Check out our Facebook Page for our next Interest Fair and Freshment Bootcamp events.

E-mail membership@greensbororollerderby.com for additional details and to be added to our interest meeting mailing list.

I want to skate, but contact isn’t for me, or I don’t identify as female.

Referees are an essential component of roller derby. Without referees, there would be chaos on the track and no one would know what the score is. Referees must also be at least 18 years old, and can identify as male or female. Referees practice alongside the skaters and are also required to purchase supplemental insurance from the WFTDA. Referees do not pay monthly dues, and to date, have never lost a bout. We call our ref crew Team Undefeated, everyone wants to be on a winning team.

I still want to be involved, but skating just isn’t for me.

There are lots of other ways that you can be involved. It takes a large staff of non-skating officials (NSOs) to put on a successful bout, everything from stats collection, to penalty box management, to running the time clock. NSOs get in to bouts for free and pay no dues. We call our NSO crew the Gate City Engineers, they keep our derby train running smooth and on time!
We are also looking for mascots and other folks to pump up the crowd, announcers, track crew, you name it!


Please email Southern Belladonna, our head of membership, if you are interested in joining Greensboro Roller Derby.