Derby Name: Rainbow Blight

Derby #: 95

Is there a story behind your name and number? I love being happy (the rainbow) and the 80s, but on occasion I am fierce (the blight). 95 was a beautiful transformative year for me but also very painful.

What year did you start roller derby? I started Summer of 2014

What roller derby team(s) have/do you play for? Mad Dollies (D$L)

Your Athletic background? None. I am completely without an athletic resume. I jogged some and rode a bike in College. I didn’t even know how to roller skate.

Any derby/sports heroes? All these women are amazing to me. So much grit and drive.

Best derby memory? I think derby is made up a million best moments and some terrible moments, but really being fortunate enough to skate and feel strong is the best.

What’s your worst roller derby memory? When I broke my leg/ankle and found out cartilage broke off that wouldn’t grow back. If I could have a do over….it would be that. everyday.

Why do you play roller derby? From the moment I saw it, I knew it was something I had to do. I play because I can and when I think about no longer playing it hurts.

Gear you couldn’t live without? Knee pads. Amazing stuffed with fluff knee pads.

Likes: I like people and children and happiness and the color pink and my family and all things good.

Dislikes: I dislike meanness and unfairness.

Anything else we should know about you? I don’t drink alcohol, but when I drink hard I drink chocolate milk. That stuff is delicious.

What do you do when you aren’t skating? I’m a preschool teacher and I have a bunny and two boys. I do mom things and wife things and church things and work things. all the things.