Derby Name: Kam N. GetIt
Derby #:
Is there a story behind your name and number?
I had another name that I ended up getting annoyed with. I wanted to keep the “Kam” part because that is what everyone calls me so I was trying to come up with something more appropriate and intimidating and fitting. Being primarily a Blocker, I feel like the name fits.
What year did you start roller derby?
What roller derby team(s) have/do you play for?
I started with the Camel City Thrashers in 2008. In early 2015 I joined GSORD. I am a part of Gate City, Counterstrike, and the Elm St. Nightmares. I also am a founding member of the Triad Troublemakers – it’s a coed team that a few us of started in 2014.
Your Athletic background? ….I played tennis in middle school and was great at hide and seek in the late 80’s. I also have skated pretty much my whole life.
Any derby/sports heroes?
Honestly, anyone that plays derby is pretty awesome in my book. It takes a lot of guts to learn EVERYTHING that goes with this sport. Joining a huge group of people that you know nothing about is super overwhelming! But becoming some of their closest friends is pretty amazing!
Best derby memory?
I was playing in an Invitational in Virginia and the jammer did a panty pass to me and I got through the pack once, then on my 2nd pass I jumped the apex!! I even got MVP Blocker for the tournament!
Worst derby memory?
Dislocating AND breaking my ankle AND my leg a week before my 1st bout as a Gate City skater. It’s pretty much been the worst thing. I wish I could say I was doing something amazing when it happened!
Why do you play roller derby?
I continue play derby because not only is it fun but I have met the most AMAZING people I have ever met!! You start out by not knowing anyone and probably wouldn’t have met these people otherwise. We all are so different but yet we are all one big, giant, crazy group of people. These guys are my family! Not only in the league but skaters from all over the country. Traveling is pretty cool too. I have been to places that I never would have gone with out derby. Derby Road Trips are probably one of the best things!
Gear you couldn’t live without?
All of it! Especially my knee gaskets and my Sisu mouthguard. You fall a lot on your knees and you need all the padding you can get. As for the mouthguard; it is really important to me to make sure my team mates can understand me when I am talking…. or laughing
pickles, being stupid, beer, hoodies, gummy bears, fall, afterparties, being crafty, karaoke, sushi, derby road trips, sleeping, and changing song lyrics.
beets, drama, alarm clocks, bad drivers, Creed, hot weather, liars, and my upstairs neighbors!
Anything else we should know about you?
What else do you want to know?