Derby Name: Buster Vicious

Derby #: 212

Is there a story behind your name and number? When I started Freshmeat, I told people to call me Buster cause it’s my last name and my first name seems to give people trouble. I decided on Buster Licious as a play on Bootylicious. One weekend at a derby tournament I jokingly said I should change the L to a V cause I could totally be Buster Vicious. And so the idea stuck and now I’m ready to show people how vicious I can be on the track!

What year did you start roller derby? I joined GSORD in March 2013 in the spring Freshmeat class.

What roller derby team(s) have/do you play for? I currently skate with Gate City and am one of the co-captains. I also skate for my home team, the Elm St. Nightmares!! GSORD is the only league I’ve skated with.

Your Athletic background? I was a gymnast as a kid and stumbled upon a skating rink and speed skating classes in 6th grade. I competitively speed skated for 5 years and went to Junior Nationals in 1992.

Any derby/sports heroes? Chucktown Bruiser – she plays for CQS and she will lay someone out on the track and not even blink!

Best derby memory? The moment the final whistle blew and we beat the Charlotte Rollergirls, despite having only been given less than a 10% chance to win

Worst derby memory? Fortunately, I don’t have one

Why do you play roller derby? I play roller derby because I love to skate and I love the competition. I love the camaraderie and the diversity of my teammates and other derby players. I can constantly challenge myself because there are no limits in derby. I saw a quote once that really sum speaks to why I play roller derby. “We ruin our bodies to save our souls and for some reason that makes perfect sense.”

Gear you couldn’t live without? My Gladiator custom mouthguard.

Likes: Laughing so hard I pee, roller derby, reading, dogs that obey, Haribo gummy bears, and the Linkin Park & Jay-Z Collision Course album.

Dislikes: Slow drivers, going to the gym, closed-minded people, and lots of typos in a book.

Anything else we should know about you? I’m happily married with a son, an exchange student, and a stubborn 2yr old chocolate lab.