Derby Name: Wrecking Belle

Derby #: 028

Is there a story behind your name and number? Because I love Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball is my jam. And I was 28 when derby found me.

What year did you start roller derby? Freshmeat 2013, rookie year 2014

What roller derby team(s) have/do you play for? Battleground Betties, Counterstrike & Gate City

Your Athletic background? Dance, swimming & weight lifting in highschool

Any derby/sports heroes? Not yet

Best derby memory? Made MVP jammer in a Counterstrike game. I also scored the most points for counterstrike during the 2014 season.

Why do you play roller derby? I play roller derby because it’s the first team sport I’ve ever played and I love the camaraderie. I can be fierce together with other awesome ladies and share it with new girls that join the league.

Gear you couldn’t live without? Knee pads & toe stops

Likes: I love food in general, but especially sushi! And I like to bake all the yummy things.

Dislikes: I don’t like the cold or being cold and I do not like sweet tea.

Anything else we should know about you? I have a BA in Psychology & a BA in Fine Arts Sculpture. I work as an Executive office assistant & do 2D/ graphic design work on the side. My little boy is my biggest derby fan, he’s 6.