Derby Name: Ida Decker

Derby #: 609

Is there a story behind your name and number? My number is the area code to my hometown .

What year did you start roller derby? I started roller derby in July 2014.

What roller derby team(s) have/do you play for? Greensboro Counterstrike & Battleground Betties

Your Athletic background? I always skated on quads, and I love swimming

Do you have any roller derby/sports heroes? Zip Blok, she’s so strong.

What’s your best roller derby memory? this season I scored 29 points in a home team bout . That felt great!

Why do you play roller derby? Because there is no other replacement for the benefit of this sport. It challenges my inner voice, that one we all have . I love learning and getting better skating with my friends!

Gear you couldn’t live without? Helmet. Literally. Your brain needs it.


Likes: Life. Puppies.

Dislikes? Blood sucking vampires

What do you do when you aren’t skating? Read. Books. Collect sea glunk, old bottles and buried stuff