Mission Statement-
Greensboro Roller Derby is a member controlled and operated Flat Track Derby League that fosters sportswomanship, athleticism and teamwork. Greensboro Roller Derby strives to make a positive impact on its members, surrounding community, and the sport of roller derby.

Greensboro Roller Derby was founded on February 3rd, 2010 by a group of dedicated and strong willed individuals. Over the past three years, we have grown from organized mayhem to a full member league of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) with non-profit status. While maintaining our original roots of activism, rock and roll, and inclusivity, we have officially begun our mission of athletic domination in the world of roller derby. At all of our events, a portion of our proceeds are donated to a featured charity. We could not have gotten this far without the support of friends and family, the community of Greensboro, and our fellow roller derby leagues.

Lockard-Lugin Leg LampGreensboro Roller Derby is comprised of three intra-league home teams, the Battleground Betties, the Elm St. Nightmares and the Mad Dollies, and an all-star inter-league travel team, The Gate City Roller Girls, featuring skaters from all three home teams. The Gate City Roller Girls represent Greensboro Roller Derby against other roller derby leagues’ all star teams in bouts at home in Greensboro and through travel across the region.

At the end of each Greensboro Roller Derby season, typically November or December, the two home teams with the best record will fight it out on the track in an intra-league championship for the Lockard-Lugin Leg Lamp Trophy.

The Lockard-Lugin Leg Lamp Trophy (shown here with two-time winners, the Battleground Betties) is named after our league’s founder, Aubrey Lockard (a.k.a. Molly Flogger), and the designer of the trophy, Jaime Lugin (a.k.a. Goodie Two-Bruise).

New skaters will be put through our Fresh Meat training program. Fresh Meat will prepare skaters for the minimum skills test, which must be passed before one is eligible to play in their first bout. After completing Fresh Meat and passing their minimum skills, skaters will be drafted by one of the home teams. Once a skater has skated with their home team and developed an advanced set of skills, they are eligible to try out for the Gate City Roller Girls. If you are interested in joining Greensboro Roller Derby, please visit our Join page for more information.


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