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Tap N Run

2013 Tap N Run CHUG IT Blast GREENSBORO Get ready for fun! Greensboro Roller Derby has again partnered with Jam Active to bring you the 2014 Greensboro Tap ‘N’ Run!

Not only will we be serving you beer out on the course, but we are also going to save you money at registration. Use promo code ROLLERDERBY when you sign up to save $8. That’s enough for your April bout ticket, a wacky costume or a few beers. Sign up early and save even more, registration costs increase on March 30th.

Event Information and Registration

About Tap ‘N’ Run:
Tap ‘N’ Run is all about friends and teams, hilarious costumes and amusing group concepts, responsible entertainment and leave-the-kids-at-home-and-let-off-some steam. Tap ‘N’ Run is about drinking some beer, doing some running/walking/skipping/hopping/potato-sack-racing and having a ridiculously good time!

Tap ‘N’ Run is an extremely short race, only 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles, which anyone can complete within an hour. Multiple ‘chug stations’ are strategically placed at the Start and on the race route where participants get to indulge in 5 ounces of beautiful beer on a trek to the Finish Line where a full brew awaits! In addition to an awesomely unique experience, every participant receives a sweet Finisher’s medal (that doubles as a bottle opener…no, really), a race t-shirt, sunglass, a koozie & other free swag!

Tap ‘N’ Run is a social race & afterwards includes a hilarious Extracurricular Awards Ceremony. Winners of categories such as ‘Best ‘Stache’ (real or fake), ‘Most Unique Team Concept’, ‘We Wear Short Shorts’ (unfortunately, hairy dudes usually win), ‘Nastiest Belcher’, ‘Drunkest Duo’, ‘Most Creative Team Name’ & the ‘Largest Squad’ are celebrated!

Running in a long, straight line is old and crusty. Join us at Tap ‘N’ Run & Pace Yourself!

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